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My apologies for the lack of posts since December — I have been overseas and since my return home I have made the decision to cease updating Aussie Bub Blog due to numerous personal commitments, which leave me with virtually no time to contribute to the site. However, that’s not say that later in the year I may resume posting! Thanks for your understanding and as always thanks for your readership :)

Although, I also never leave a job unfinished — so below are links to all the Aussie babies born whilst I have been on ‘leave’ from the site!

Maggie Goodwin welcomed a son: Eddie William Goodwin on December 17 2007.

Liza Emanuele gave birth to a girl: Zara Branson on December 19 2007.

Poppy Montgomery gave birth to a son: Jackson Phillip Kaufman on December 23 2007.

Katrina Webb welcomed son: Sebastian Zavier Denis on December 27 2007.

Toni Collette gave birth to a daughter: Sage Florence Galafassi on January 9 2008.

Leigh McClusky gave birth to twins: a son Jock Haigh and daughter Tansy Haigh in early January.

Sarah Wynter gave birth to a son: Oscar Dallas Wynter Peres on January 14 2008.

Lauren Newton welcomed son: Sam Albert Newton Welsh on January 19 2008.

Courtney Hammond gave birth to a daughter: Harper May Walker in January.

Amanda Blair gave birth to a boy: Frank Oswald Farquharson on January 23 2008.

Adele Harris welcomed son: Sam Harris in late January.

Carys Courtney gave birth to a daughter: Zara Eve Courtney on January 24 2008.

Kerry Lucas welcomed daughter: Angelina Belle Lengrad on Febraury 9 2008.

Natasha Stott Despoja gave birth to daughter: Cordelia Jessica Stott Smith on March 6 2008.

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Myles and Brigitta Pollard welcome son

Former McLeod’s Daughters actor Myles Pollard and his weather presenter wife Brigitta welcomed their first son Ronin Wilson Pollard on October 14 2007. The couple sent an email to a McLeod’s Daughters fan site announcing the news, where they also said “he is a beautiful, healthy boy with very long legs … like his Dad!”. The couple never officially announced the pregnancy, it was only discovered Brigitta was expecting after she modeled maternity clothing for Big W!

I will update this post shortly with scans and interview highlights from this weeks New Idea Magazine spread.

Thanks to Josien, Elaline and Samantha for this info.

Source: McLeod’s Daughters Fansite

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Camilla Severi welcomes first baby — a son

B105 Breakfast radio co-host Camilla Severi and partner Glen Krohn welcomed their first child — a son named Charlie Max Krohn on Friday November 31 after 24 hours of labour, weighing in at 8lbs.

For more pictures of baby Charlie click here.

Source: B105

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Nicole Livingstone welcomes a son

Sports commentator and former swimmer, Nicole Livingstone and husband Marty Smith have welcomed their third child, a son Robinson Edward on Thursday November 22, weighing 8lb 13oz (3.98kg). Robinson is a brother for the couple’s five-year old twins Ella and Joshua.

A big thankyou to ABB reader Jenelle for this info.

Source: Herald Sun

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Karla Gilbert introduces daughter; discusses difficult pregnancy

Former ironwoman Karla Gilbert and husband Andrew James welcomed their first daughter Ella Kaelee James on October 13 2007 at 6.45pm, weighing 3.5kg and last week the couple introduced her to New Idea Magazine where they discussed Karla’s difficult pregnancy and posed for some gorgeous photos.

On Ella’s looks: “I think she looks like me, but she has her daddy’s big feet and long limbs — and there’s nothing wrong with a girl with long legs.”

Motherhood is a learning-curve for Karla: “I wonder now what I ever did with my time before because Ella doesn’t like to sleep during the day. But she’s such a cutie. She’s also the first baby I have ever held. I have never been maternal, and I was always worried that babies would cry if I picked them up, so this is a huge learning curve for me.”

As she suffered from amenorrhoea (an absence of menstrual bleeding) they feared they may not be able to conceive: “I had no period for two years [due to greulling training for her ironwoman events], but the first month Andrew and I tried to get pregnant we were successful. One day I was worried I wouldn’t be able to conceive and booked in to see a specialist — and the next I was pregnant!

On her difficult pregnancy: “Some women really embrace the whole experience, but I didn’t. I felt sick and had a metallic taste in my mouth right up to the birth. Towards the end people told me my tummy was tiny, but I was so uncomfortable that I couldn’t imagine being any bigger.”

On Karla’s 18-hour labour: “I thought I had a high pain threshold, but childbirth was completely new territory. Andrew was wonderful, never leaving my side, rubbing my back and telling me how proud he was, but I was dazed, and even an epidural didn’t give me relief.”

As Ella was in the wrong position Karla needed emergency surgery: “For someone like Karla, who’s so fit and healthy and hasn’t had so much as a toothache in her life, an emergency caesarean was a huge deal. There was enough urgency to make it seem like an episode from a TV show, and with my own medical knowledge I knew all too well what could go wrong.”

Andrew was anxious throughout the operation: “I poked my head over the sheet as they were pulling Ella out and saw the umbilical cord wrapped tightly around her little neck. It hit me that we should just be thankful that a natural birth didn’t happen.”

When Ella was two-days old she was diagnosed with a dislocated hip: “The paediatrician told us ‘clicky hips’ are fairly common in girls, and may be due to my compact tummy that held her too tightly in the womb.”

Ella now has to wear body armour-type brace for six weeks to keep her legs straight: “We only had time to give her one bath before it went on, and as it’s so bulky there’s a cupboard full of beautiful clothes she can’t wear. Even changing a nappy is complicated, and breastfeeding is awkward because I can’t hug her close. I was upset when the doctor was putting the brace on because Ella was crying and all I could think was that my baby wasn’t perfect. It was all too much. But it’s only temporary, and there are a lot worse things that could have happened — I know we’re very lucky.”

On their strong mother-daughter bond: “Ella and I will be best friends after everything we have been through together.”

Source: New Idea, November 10 2007, pg 34-35.

Click KEEP READING for another image.

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Natarsha Belling and family visit Santa Claus

Channel 10 news reader Natarsha Belling, husband Glen Sealey and their son Harrison, 17 months, visited Santa Claus at Bondi Junction Westfield in Sydney on Friday November 16, 2007.

Source: Mike Flokis/Getty Images

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Celina Edmonds and children visit Santa Claus

Sky News presenter Celina Edmonds posed with Santa Claus and children Hugo, Darcy and her daughter at Bondi Junction Westfield, Sydney on Friday November 16, 2007.

Source: Mike Flokis/Getty Images

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