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Kasey Chambers posts new pictures of Arlo Nicholson

Aussie country singer, Kasey Chambers has posted two new photos of her son Arlo, 3 months on her website. Arlo is pictured with Kasey’s baby brother (Arlo’s uncle) Tyler William who was born on September 24.

Arlo (left) and Tyler

Source: Kasey Chambers Official Website

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Kerryn McCann speaks about managing motherhood & cancer

Aussie marathon runner, Kerryn McCann has spoken to The Daily Telegraph about managing her cancer treatment and being a mum to Benton, 9, Josie, 4 and Cooper, 6 weeks as well as posing for some gorgeous photos.

Kerryn initially refused to accept the gravity of the situation after discovering a lump in her right breast:

“After one test I came out feeling really angry that they should stress a pregnant woman so much over probably nothing. I was not in the high-risk group: there was no family history of breast cancer.”

Three weeks after surgery to remove the lump and three lymph nodes, she was induced at 34 weeks and Cooper was born on September 5 and was given steroids to boost his lungs:

“It was really hard seeing him with the tubes and drip and monitor – this tiny baby.”

The couple introduced Cooper earlier this month where she spoke about combining motherhood and her cancer treatment in more detail.

Source: The Daily Telegraph

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Is Cate Blanchett expecting baby number 3?

UPDATE: Additional images added of Cate appearing on UK chat show Friday Night with Jonathan Ross last week, wearing a sleek purple dress which showed off her rounded belly — I’m officially on “bump watch” now!

Original Post:
Aussie actress Cate Blanchett was spotted leaving her Manhattan hotel sporting what suspiciously looks like a baby bump. She was on her way to perform in the play Right You Are (If You Think You Are) held at the grand rotunda of the Guggenheim Museum in New York City on Saturday October 27.

Cate revealed earlier this month that she wanted a sibling for sons Dashiell, 5 and Roman, 3. In the extended post are some recent photos of Cate out and about wearing loose-fitting dresses — so maybe baby number 3 is on it’s way for Cate and husband Andrew Upton!

Source: Just Jared and Getty Images

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Ian Dickson & Edie at ARIA Awards

Australian Idol judge, Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson and his daughter Edie, 14, arrived on the red carpet at the 2007 ARIA Music Awards at the Acer Arena on Sunday October 28 in Sydney.

Source: Sergio Dionisio/Getty Images

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Naomi Watts talks motherhood

Aussie actress, Naomi Watts spoke to NW about being a mum to Alexander Pete, 3 months and how she and partner Liev Schreiber combine parenthood with work.

What was it like seeing yourself as a mother in Eastern Promises now that you actually are a mother?

I found out I was pregnant three weeks after I got to London and we started shooting. It became a lot more meaningful obviously after I discovered I was pregnant. I always care about what I’m doing and try to do as much research as I can but it became all the more important to me.

Did being pregnant during the shoot have any impact on your performance?

It certainly created greater meaning for me, holding the baby. All the things I read on midwifery and the research I did like going to the hospital, I saw some births, I saw some C sections. That was scary. I didn’t know I was pregnant at that time, though. I do remember thinking, &quotWoah, that’s intense!” You see the scars on people.

Does becoming a mother change your outlook on your career?

Obviously it is going to change from a scheduling point of view — how long is this shooting, when is it shooting, when it’s Liev shooting, and how do we make that work? But in terms of the content, I am not going to suddenly turn around and start making kids’ movies. Maybe I will want to do one for my kid to impress his friends down the line. But what was interesting to me [when I began] is still interesting to me now.

What’s hard about being a mother?

The packing and the equipment! I am someone who prides myself on being punctual, and [now] I can never get the time right. I will not be on time ever now! I mean, I just cannot believe it. I’m nursing so it’s all about the feeding and when he can get in the car and the feeding. If something goes wrong there is a succession of errors that go wrong and then that’s it.

Are you sleeping?

Not really, no. Like, every two hours. He’s a big eater. I have been someone who has always been able to exist off little sleep anyway but it’s the run. Having a four-hour run is better than having two hours and then another two hours and another two hours. And waking up, by the time you’ve fed from each side and changed the diaper and then put him down … See I’m making you tired. [Laughs.]

Does Liev do the nappy thing?

Liev is a very hands-on dad, he does everything. If he had his way he would be breastfeeding, too. I believe you can get those man boobs, according to Meet The Fockers! [Laughs.]

Source: NW

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Hugh Jackman takes Oscar to Nipper training

Aussie actor, Hugh Jackman took son Oscar, 7 to his Nipper training on Sunday October 28 at Sydney’s Bondi Beach — Oscar’s sister Ava, 2 came along as well. Last week mum Deborra-Lee Furness took the kids to training.

Source: Just Jared

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Jessica Rowe & Allegra join the World’s Greatest Pram Stroll

TV presenter, Jessica Rowe and daughter Allegra, 9 months took part in the World’s Greatest Pram Stroll, yesterday in Sydney. The event is designed to raise awareness of the challenges faced by women after childbirth – such as social isolation and depression. It’s also a meet-and-greet for new mum’s around the area, encouraging women to reach out to one another:

“Being a mum is the best thing I’ve ever done, but its also the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Soon after my darling girl was born I was diagnosed with post natal depression – I understand how important it is to get support. The Pram Stroll is a wonderful way of linking up with other mums and sharing your experiences.”

Source: The Daily Telegraph

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Robert & Danielle Harvey discuss their pain at experiencing six miscarriages

St Kilda AFL player, Robert Harvey and wife Danielle spoke to The Sunday Age to discuss for the first time their pain at experiencing six miscarriages when attempting to conceive their third child. After the birth of their son, Connor, now nine, Danielle had an ectopic pregnancy before giving birth to daughter Remi, now seven. But after that came the six lost pregnancies before Alyssa, now two arrived:

“They (the pregnancies) were all quite far ahead — four of them were over 14 weeks, one was almost 19 weeks. I saw all my babies on the ultrasounds — at one point, I saw them all doing well. I had pictures of the ultrasounds and I felt they were very much real. [Robert adds] That was more of a shock … when you actually see the baby, that certainly hits home that it was a life lost.”

Thee hardest part for Robert was watching his wife suffer:

“I absolutely worried about her being OK. Even getting on towards the later pregnancies and miscarriages, I was obviously very disappointed, but I was more worried about her health and emotional state.”

Robert describes his Danielle’s strength as inspirational:

“To go through all that is a pretty big effort and she’s still talking about having another kid, which is just amazing.”

Danielle still thinks about her lost babies but has found support through a counsellor and trying alternative therapies:

“I had someone to talk to outside my family and friends. You have to have someone to talk to and somehow release the grief and disappointment. I tried some alternate practices that were very beneficial to me. I went on a herbal program, I saw an acupuncturist … I modified my lifestyle and exercise. I virtually did everything possible to try and help myself.”

Source: The Sunday Age

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Melissa George reveals baby plans

Aussie actress, Melissa George (30 Days of Night) has revealed her plans to a have a baby with husband Claudio Dabed in the not-to-distant future. Claudio already has a daughter Martina, 12 from a previous relationship.

“[We have] many baby plans. I’d love to have a baby tomorrow. I’d love to have a baby in a year. My husband tells me that I should start with one and see if I like it!”

Source: OK!

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James and Carys Courtney expecting first child

V8 Supercar driver and Dancing With The Stars contestant James Courtney revealed to New Idea this week that he and wife Carys are expecting their first next February.

Their baby is already dancing!

“The pregnancy’s going well — we lie in bed at night and watch the baby as it kicks around — as if it’s dancing as well! Now I’m talking to the bub each night and describing how my dancing’s going.”

The couple know the baby’s gender but are keeping it a surprise for everyone else:

“I said I’d be happy if it’s a boy or a girl. If it’s a boy then it’s great — I can muck around with him and have a little version of me. If it’s a girl that’s fantastic — she can keep Carys company as I’m away a lot for racing.”

Source: New Idea, October 27 2007, pg 41-42.

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Tracey Spicer on her new job & motherhood

Former Network Ten news presenter Tracey Spicer spoke to Woman’s Day this week about her new job as a travel writer and how she can combine her globetrotting with spending time with husband Jason Thompson and children, Taj, 2 and Grace, 1.

How would you describe life with Taj and Grace?

“It’s magnificent. Every day is different. It’s fun and exhausting, wonderful, stressful and delightful, and life-changing. I wouldn’t have it any other way. We’re so lucky to have them because of all the fertility problems I had falling pregnant with Taj. I didn’t think I’d be blessed enough to have two children.”

It’s amazing to think that you could have missed out on becoming a parent.

“Yes. And to think I never wanted to have children until I turned, I think it was 33, and bang, the biological clock started ticking. It was deafening, I don’t know what life would have been like if I hadn’t had that drive. Parenting isn’t everything – there’s work, friends, family and lifestyle – but I couldn’t imagine life without them.”

Does Taj have any health issues as a result of his premature birth?

“No, miraculously. He’s very good, but they’re either angels or devils at that age. You could eat them up, or you know … He was so premature and underweight, but ever since he turned one and a half, he’s become a big boy. He’s 17kg now. So physically and mentally there are no issues.”

Have Grace and Taj bonded?

“He has a love/hate relationship with her! When she was three weeks old, I’ll never forget it, I was in the kitchen making something, and I turned around and Taj had picked Grace up off the floor and was holding her a foot off the ground. I said, ‘put her down right now,’ and he did. He just dropped her. The other day we took her to get her one-year injections and Taj stood very closely and screamed with delight, ‘Grace gets jabbed, Grace gets jabbed!’ For 48 hours afterwards he was still reliving the moment. She gets him back by stealing his toys.”

You once said you wanted a tribe of children.

[Screams.] Did I? I must have been breastfeeding or pregnancy hormones. I must have been making that up. That’s enough for me. I turned 40 a couple of months ago, and that’s enough.”

Do you think time has beaten you because you started a bit late?

“I do. I think it would be too much for my body. You’re much tireder being an older parent. I’m not 20 any more. We’re supposed to have kids between the ages of 17 and 20 aren’t we? Two is good for me. I’m from a family of two.”

You’re a travel writer now as well?

“I love to write. I was doing a bit of freelance writing and said to my friends, I really want to be a travel writer. They said, ‘you can’t do that, you have a family.’ I thought, surely I can find a travel-writing job where I can take the family. Then, out of the blue, a friend of a friend called to say she’d recommended me as an editor – for a travel magazine, called Out & About With Kids. They wanted a journalist with a profile, who is a parent and can write, and who wants to do family travel magazines. It was a miracle. As a family we’ve already been to Fiji, Vanuatu, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, Byron Bay and South Stradbroke Island. We recently went to Crescent Head in a 1974 Kombi [van]. In the next couple of months were going to the Philippines, Hayman Island and Adelaide. It’s very exciting.”

Source: Woman’s Day, October 29 2007, pg 42-44.

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Kerry Lucas models for child safety

Model, Kerry Lucas (centre) who is six-months pregnant with her second child, joined fellow models to raise money for Kidsafe SA at a luncheon yesterday at Next Generation in Adelaide. Child safety is an issue close to Kerry’s heart after losing her son Leonardo during a tragic accident in the River Torrens last December:

“I’m trying to be positive. . . this baby is my angel.”

The gender of her “angel” will be a surprise:

“I didn’t need to find out, it doesn’t matter.”

Source: The Advertiser

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Jonny and Carolyn Pasvolsky welcome a girl

Former McLeod’s Daughters actor Jonny Pasvolsky and wife Carolyn welcomed a baby girl on Wednesday October 24 in Los Angeles, where they now live for Jonny’s acting commitments. No word on their daughter’s name or birth stats — but hopefully more information will come.

Thanks Heidi!

Source: The Advertiser, October 27 2007, pg 35.

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Camilla Severi on attending prenatal classes

Breakfast radio co-host, Camilla Severi has written about attending prenatal classes with partner Glen Krohn in her latest Pregnancy Journal entry. Camilla is expecting their first child in early November.

Glen and I have recently done the obligatory prenatal and antenatal classes that come with enrolling yourself in the Royal Brisbane Hospital. The midwives were lovely, the other couples were lovely and I am proud to say, I now know how to change a nappy! I’m sure I’ll be using that skill a few times in my travels along the road of parenthood. Anyway, it was a great couple of Saturdays because we really learnt so much. Almost too much! We heard all about labor to breast feeding to bathing and pretty much every thing that could go wrong (and some of the good stuff) in between! So we decided to look into a bit of different type of prenatal class from a company called Yagababy. It was recommended by a close family friend and I have to admit, as soon as she said the name I thought, sounds like some zen hippy stuff where you’re told to eat your placenta and drugs are forbidden. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Its just that I’m no hero and if I want drugs I’m going to have them, and I don’t want to feel guilt trapped into any practices that I’m not into.

So we looked into it. It’s about a $200 class for the day so naturally we mulled over it because we’ve just bought a house and there’s always so many other ways you can spend your money. Anyway, we decided to make the booking. A few days later the welcome pack arrived. Some reading info, what to bring on the day… and what’s this? A note at the bottom requesting that every couple bring “a plate of savory food” to share with the group. I must say, I found that funny. Seemed all too communal and a bit rich considering the expense.

On the morning, I got up early to make some chicken mayo sandwiches. Of course I never make those stupid miniature sandwiches so they didn’t want to stick together and then a few of them went all crusty and hard. We we’re off to a good start. Still I lugged my plate of savory food along to the class.
When we got there, we made ourselves comfy at one of the work stations which was a pile of comfy cushions, a gym ball, and a couple of mats. So not your usual prenatal class set up. After going around and meeting everyone (again with the communal stuff), the first thing we did was meditate and tap into our baby’s being. Sounds really freaky, and I resisted it for the first few minutes, but after a little while, and after feeling so relaxed, I couldn’t help but just let go.

I lay there imagining the little person in my tummy, probably sucking on their hand and nestling into the placenta wall (every time we’ve seen the baby, it’s been doing that). And I could almost imagine that the baby knew I was thinking about it, and just maybe it was thinking about me. Cheeky little thing!
The day just kept getting better. We didn’t talk about the labor from a medical perspective. We didn’t talk about the things that could go wrong, or watch any traumatic videos, or share horror stories. The only horror story of the day was a lady who had been pushed into a cesarean by the hospital she was at and she was really scarred by the whole experience. After hearing that story I vowed I would take control of my labor and I wouldn’t let myself become a victim or a patient. After all, I’m not sick, I’m just pregnant (that’s what the teacher said. I liked it). I felt empowered with strategies on HOW to have the baby, not IF you can have the baby. We all know we CAN have babies. We’re designed to do it. And if we aren’t designed to do give birth, then we’re in a hospitals or clinic that will look after the medical side of things. It was like a bright light had shone down from heaven and all of a sudden, I wasn’t afraid anymore. It was just the weirdest thing.

I’m not a hippy… I don’t even do yoga, and I’m not into big on big communal powwows where we all share our feelings, but this is one class I recommend to anyone having a baby. It pays to know what your options are. We all know that we can have drugs and medical interference if we need and want it, but do we know that we can do it naturally? I mean we really CAN!? Anyway, I’m not going to preach, I’m just so excited because I finally feel really connected with my baby and I’m so excited about the big day. I just can’t wait to meet the new little person who’s going share our lives.

Oh and just the way, the lunch was actually really great. We all sat around in the sun and chatted about our babies over platters of quiche and pies and muffins so I didn’t have to eat my crappy chicken mayo sandwiches! But everyone else did… they even said they liked them. It’s so funny how the day I had resisted he most turned into the best thing I could have ever done!

Source: B105 – Camilla’s Pregnancy Journal

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Jacinda Barrett talks about losing baby weight

Aussie actress, Jacinda Barrett and husband Gabriel Macht welcomed their daughter Satine on August 20 and this week she spoke to People at the Couture Cares-Nina Ricci luncheon about losing her baby weight:

Keep exercising is her solution:

“I had a big girl, she was 10 pounds, so that must have something to do with it. Most of [the weight] went out with her, but I am exercising – and I exercised the whole way through.”

But just being a mum and keeping active also helps:

“I’ve just been really looking after [the baby] and it sort of comes off the way that it comes off, because it’s all related to her, to my child.”

Jacinda is loving first-time motherhood:

“It’s amazing. Just seeing her every day, you know. … She’s just started smiling, and it’s just the simplest thing, a smile.”

Source: People

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