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Dear Readers ….

My apologies for the lack of posts since December — I have been overseas and since my return home I have made the decision to cease updating Aussie Bub Blog due to numerous personal commitments, which leave me with virtually no time to contribute to the site. However, that’s not say that later in the year I may resume posting! Thanks for your understanding and as always thanks for your readership :)

Although, I also never leave a job unfinished — so below are links to all the Aussie babies born whilst I have been on ‘leave’ from the site!

Maggie Goodwin welcomed a son: Eddie William Goodwin on December 17 2007.

Liza Emanuele gave birth to a girl: Zara Branson on December 19 2007.

Poppy Montgomery gave birth to a son: Jackson Phillip Kaufman on December 23 2007.

Katrina Webb welcomed son: Sebastian Zavier Denis on December 27 2007.

Toni Collette gave birth to a daughter: Sage Florence Galafassi on January 9 2008.

Leigh McClusky gave birth to twins: a son Jock Haigh and daughter Tansy Haigh in early January.

Sarah Wynter gave birth to a son: Oscar Dallas Wynter Peres on January 14 2008.

Lauren Newton welcomed son: Sam Albert Newton Welsh on January 19 2008.

Courtney Hammond gave birth to a daughter: Harper May Walker in January.

Amanda Blair gave birth to a boy: Frank Oswald Farquharson on January 23 2008.

Adele Harris welcomed son: Sam Harris in late January.

Carys Courtney gave birth to a daughter: Zara Eve Courtney on January 24 2008.

Kerry Lucas welcomed daughter: Angelina Belle Lengrad on Febraury 9 2008.

Natasha Stott Despoja gave birth to daughter: Cordelia Jessica Stott Smith on March 6 2008.

March 6, 2008 at 9:44 pm 6 comments

Karla Gilbert introduces daughter; discusses difficult pregnancy

Former ironwoman Karla Gilbert and husband Andrew James welcomed their first daughter Ella Kaelee James on October 13 2007 at 6.45pm, weighing 3.5kg and last week the couple introduced her to New Idea Magazine where they discussed Karla’s difficult pregnancy and posed for some gorgeous photos.

On Ella’s looks: “I think she looks like me, but she has her daddy’s big feet and long limbs — and there’s nothing wrong with a girl with long legs.”

Motherhood is a learning-curve for Karla: “I wonder now what I ever did with my time before because Ella doesn’t like to sleep during the day. But she’s such a cutie. She’s also the first baby I have ever held. I have never been maternal, and I was always worried that babies would cry if I picked them up, so this is a huge learning curve for me.”

As she suffered from amenorrhoea (an absence of menstrual bleeding) they feared they may not be able to conceive: “I had no period for two years [due to greulling training for her ironwoman events], but the first month Andrew and I tried to get pregnant we were successful. One day I was worried I wouldn’t be able to conceive and booked in to see a specialist — and the next I was pregnant!

On her difficult pregnancy: “Some women really embrace the whole experience, but I didn’t. I felt sick and had a metallic taste in my mouth right up to the birth. Towards the end people told me my tummy was tiny, but I was so uncomfortable that I couldn’t imagine being any bigger.”

On Karla’s 18-hour labour: “I thought I had a high pain threshold, but childbirth was completely new territory. Andrew was wonderful, never leaving my side, rubbing my back and telling me how proud he was, but I was dazed, and even an epidural didn’t give me relief.”

As Ella was in the wrong position Karla needed emergency surgery: “For someone like Karla, who’s so fit and healthy and hasn’t had so much as a toothache in her life, an emergency caesarean was a huge deal. There was enough urgency to make it seem like an episode from a TV show, and with my own medical knowledge I knew all too well what could go wrong.”

Andrew was anxious throughout the operation: “I poked my head over the sheet as they were pulling Ella out and saw the umbilical cord wrapped tightly around her little neck. It hit me that we should just be thankful that a natural birth didn’t happen.”

When Ella was two-days old she was diagnosed with a dislocated hip: “The paediatrician told us ‘clicky hips’ are fairly common in girls, and may be due to my compact tummy that held her too tightly in the womb.”

Ella now has to wear body armour-type brace for six weeks to keep her legs straight: “We only had time to give her one bath before it went on, and as it’s so bulky there’s a cupboard full of beautiful clothes she can’t wear. Even changing a nappy is complicated, and breastfeeding is awkward because I can’t hug her close. I was upset when the doctor was putting the brace on because Ella was crying and all I could think was that my baby wasn’t perfect. It was all too much. But it’s only temporary, and there are a lot worse things that could have happened — I know we’re very lucky.”

On their strong mother-daughter bond: “Ella and I will be best friends after everything we have been through together.”

Source: New Idea, November 10 2007, pg 34-35.

Click KEEP READING for another image.

November 18, 2007 at 6:27 pm 24 comments

Sasha Horler & family in Paddington; introduces new daughter

Aussie actress, Sasha Horler, husband Nic Galea, their three year-old son and newborn daughter were spotted at Paddington in Sydney on Wednesday November 7. Our last sighting of Sasha and Nic was back in June when she was heavily pregnant! If anyone knows the names of their children or when their daughter was born please leave a comment or email me!

Source: Ben Symons/Tito Media, images used with permission

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Danny Nikolic loves first-time fatherhood

Jockey, Danny Nikolic who will compete in tomorrow’s Melbourne Cup Carnival admits that after his wife Victoria gave birth to the couple’s first child Hilary last month — nothing, not even a Cup win will compare to his daughter’s birth:

“There is nothing like the birth of your child. Life couldn’t get much better at the moment.”

Source: Sunday Herald Sun

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Jonny and Carolyn Pasvolsky welcome a girl

Former McLeod’s Daughters actor Jonny Pasvolsky and wife Carolyn welcomed a baby girl on Wednesday October 24 in Los Angeles, where they now live for Jonny’s acting commitments. No word on their daughter’s name or birth stats — but hopefully more information will come.

Thanks Heidi!

Source: The Advertiser, October 27 2007, pg 35.

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It’s Official: Isla Fisher & Sacha Baron Cohen welcomed a girl

After posting reports earlier in the week that Aussie actress Isla Fisher and her fiancee Sacha Baron Cohen welcomed a daughter, her reps finally confirmed the news on Tuesday:

“They had a beautiful healthy baby girl. Mother and daughter are doing great.”

Meanwhile OK! is reporting that the couple named their new daughter who was born on Wednesday October 17, Olive.

More details will be posted as soon as it becomes available.

Source: Us Magazine and OK!

October 26, 2007 at 9:00 am 5 comments

It’s a girl for Angela Bishop

Channel Ten’s entertainment reporter, Angela Bishop gave birth to her first child on Friday October 12th — a daughter named Amelia, weighing 3.08kg. Angela and husband Peter Baikie walked the red carpet at Delta Goodrem‘s album launch just three days before the birth!

Angela will return to present the weather on Ten’s news bulletins in December, and will recommence entertainment reporting next year.

I will post a Pregnancy Roundup of Angela later today.

Source: Herald Sun and The Daily Telegraph

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Chloe Maxwell and Mat Rogers welcome a baby girl

TV personality, Chloe Maxwell and her rugby league player fiancee Mat Rogers welcomed their daughter Phoenix on Friday September 21, a sister for the couple’s son Max, 14 months and Mat’s two children from a previous relationship Jack, 10 and Skyla, 7. Mat announced the news on his blog, where he wrote:

“I’m very excited as Chloe just gave birth to our second child; my fourth. She is a very cute little girl and I think between Chloe and my other daughter Skyla she is going to get dressed up like a doll pretty regularly. Chloe bought plenty of outfits before she gave birth and has had her mum buying heaps of other baby stuff … Life is good at the moment. Chloe and our baby daughter Phoenix have come home and both are doing very well.”

ABB reader Kellie informs me that Phoenix’s middle name may be Jolly as Mat wanted her to be “Jolly Rogers”. The couple have a tendency to give their children unusual middle names as they gave their son Max the middle name of Danger.

Mat admitted in May when they were discussing Chloe’s pregnancy that he liked the name Phoenix for a girl.

Thanks to Kellie for info on Phoenix’s name.

Source: Mat Rogers Blog: Entry 1 and Entry 2

October 3, 2007 at 3:28 pm 2 comments

It’s a girl for Samantha Koch

UPDATE: David has revealed that Matilda Jane was born at 5.50pm on Saturday September 29th, and he received the good news via a phonecall from daughter Samantha, who greeted him with “Hello, Granddad.”

Original Post:
Author, Samantha Koch and husband Toby Brown welcomed their first child, a girl named Matilda on Saturday September 29 2007 in Sydney. Samantha is the eldest daughter of Sunrise co-anchor David Koch and Matilda is David and wife Libby‘s first grandchild. The news was announced during Sunrise on Monday morning, where David also revealed that not only did Toby cut Matilda’s umbilical cord, Sam and Toby half delivered her! When Sam was half way through Matilda’s delivery, their obstatrican asked if the couple would like to finish it off by pulling her out — before finally resting Matilda on Sam’s chest. What an amazing experience for the couple.

When Sam’s pregnancy was announced in April — she admitted that she and Toby hope to create a large family.

If anyone has any more information on Matilda’s birth info — please email me.

Source: The Daily Telegraph

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Nicola Charles welcomes another baby girl

UPDATE: ABB reader Jenelle has informed me that IMDB reports Nova’s birth date as July 27 2007. So I guess this is ‘better-late-than-never’ news, which the Sunday Herald Sun published today!

Thanks again Jenelle.

Original Post:
Former Neighbours actress, Nicola Charles and her American actor partner Jason Barry have recently welcomed their second daughter Nova, a sister for Freya, 2 1/2. I had no idea Nicola was pregnant again – so apologies that I can’t give any more info!

Source: Sunday Herald Sun

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Mark & Pauline Williams welcome a girl – only hours after Port’s finals win!

AFL’s Port Adelaide Power coach, Mark Williams had a thrilling night last night – not only did Port beat the West Coast Eagles by 3 points to secure a place in the Preliminary Final, his wife Pauline gave birth to the couples fifth child, a girl named Isabelle Veronica a few hours later! Isabelle was born at 1.36am on Saturday September 8, weighing 8lb 4oz at Ashford Hospital, where the couples children Marcus, 16, Georgina, 14, Isaac, 11 and Louis, 8 have all been born. The club released a statement saying:

“Mother and baby are doing well and dad is very happy.”

Pauline, who was originally due on Monday September 10, was at the game with the couple’s obstetrician, also a Power supporter, not far away. However, the exciting game was too much for Pauline who was escorted from AAMI Stadium at the end of the third quarter. As soon as the final siren rang Media and Public Relations Manager Hitaf Rasheed informed Mark that Pauline was in labour and had a car waiting to take him to the hospital as soon as he had spoken to his players.

Isabelle won’t be short of a playmate — with Port’s captain Warren Tredrea and wife Rachael welcoming their daughter Halle Neve on Monday!

Source: Port Adelaide Football Club Official Website and The Advertiser

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Warren & Rachael Tredrea welcome a baby girl

AFL’s Port Adelaide Power captain, Warren Tredrea and wife Rachael welcomed their first child, a baby girl named Halle Neve Tredrea at 4.40pm today, weighing 3.2kg. Warren is thrilled with Halle’s arrival — sending pictures of her to his friends within an hour! Halle arrived in perfect time for Warren to spend time with his family before playing on Friday night.

Warren said last week that he would have missed last Saturday’s game if Rachael went into labour.

Thanks to Corinne for the tip.

Source: Port Adelaide Football Club Official Site

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Jacinda Barrett and Gabriel Macht welcome a baby girl

Aussie actress, Jacinda Barrett (Ladder 49, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason) and husband Gabriel Macht welcomed their first child, a girl named Satine Anais Geraldine Macht on Monday August 20 in Los Angeles. Jacinda’s publicist tells People:

“Mum and Satine are happy and healthy.”

There was only one photo of Jacinda published during her pregnancy, to view click here!

Source: People

August 29, 2007 at 3:22 pm 1 comment

Sue Porrett avoids triplet confusion with nailpolish!

Aerial Angels director and former trapeze artist Sue Porrett and her husband Matthew Backman welcomed triplets, Kash Matthew, Solei Michelle and Aria Maree at 7.58, 7.59 and 8.00am respectively on July 4 2007. Sue spoke to the Gold Coast Bulletin on the weekend and commented that Solei and Aria are so alike that she has had to paint Aria’s toenails to know which is which.

The babies were all a healthy weight at birth and needed no special attention when they were born and are now home. Sue has nannies on standby but, as yet, the little ones have been so good she and Matthew have been able to cope by themselves.

The image is of Sue during her trapeze days!

Source: Gold Coast Bulletin

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Katrina Warren and husband welcome a baby girl

TV Vet, Katrina Warren and her husband Anthony Darcy welcomed their first child, a daughter, Charlotte Rose last weekend at 5.22pm on August 11 2007, 5 days before her due date. Katrina is in awe of her new arrival and commented to reporters yesterday:

“We are thrilled, it really is the most wonderful thing I’ve experienced. I look at this tiny baby and cannot imagine how we created her. I feel the most overwhelming sense of love and responsibility. She is just beautiful.”

Anthony posted a sign reading “It’s a girl! 20% off all stock” in the window of his South Melbourne homewares store, Pomegranate!

Charlotte has been introduced to Katrina’s trusty side-kick, Toby the Wonderdog.

Thanks to ABB reader Jenelle for Charlotte’s birth info!

Source: Sunday Herald Sun

August 19, 2007 at 4:06 pm 1 comment

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